Sasha Lalite | Sasha L Jewels

The Brand 

Sasha L Jewels (SLJ) boutique offers unique handmade jewelry collections. SLJ styles represent a spectrum of women and fashion lifestyles from urban and island to high fashion elegance. Our chic, fresh, and eclectic jewelry designs are made for the independent, fashionable, expressive individual. SLJ inspires clients to step outside their comfort zone. Be bold, daring, and confident!

The Designer

Sasha L believes it's important in life to be a visionary, to be creative and explore possible inner talents and passions through self-expression. One should not just dream, but execute, and in doing so positively inspire others. Sasha L ventured into jewelry making as a way to be creative and to nurture and heal. As momentum took over, she was soon researching and studying how to make jewelry, from essential pieces to the meanings of colors, stones, and history.  She had the pleasure of collaborating with family on some of her jewelry collections. She also collaborates with other designers and artists, combining her jewelry designing with their artistry.

From venturing into restoring jewelry and handbag repair to selling jewelry accessories to private clients and various shows and events, this journey has been humbling, fun, and surprising. Sasha's inspiration comes from a myriad of life's offerings and finds it's home in the vision that she strives to live each and every day. She is inspired by family, friends and culture. 

Sasha L Jewels tribe is daring! And despite the “norm" they rock their personal styles everywhere!  

SLJ Inspiration

Sasha L Jewels Model Inspiration Jewelry SLJ Fashion Inspiration

What Inspires Sasha L Jewels?

Color: I love color - perhaps it is my mixed Caribbean roots! What people fail to realize is that the earth possesses this natural power of color that evokes certain moods, ambiances, and purpose. Don't be afraid to "rock out" with some color. Jewelry making offers a way for me to play with color.

Endless Possibilities: Jewelry evolved to be a fine art and wearing it is now more than a sign of societal status and beliefs. The multi-faceted jewel has endless possibilities and so do jewelry designs. We, like jewelry, have evolved to be so much more! It offers a personal form of self-expression, extension, and exaggeration of self whether it may be bold or subtle (similar to one's moods). I like to provide that option for my clients.

Travel, Culture and Spirituality: I love to travel and experience different cultures. Seeing how others express themselves through their native arts is influential.  I have an eye for unique accessories. So I will pick up one of a kind pieces that no one has during my travels. I make my collection based on this concept and if I come across a unique charm or beads during my travels abroad, I may incorporate them in my jewelry design collections. I also believe we are all on a spiritual journey. I balance health, yoga, and nature into my lifestyle. In jewelry design, I incorporate earth stones and colors that symbolize meaning within SLJ Collections. 

Daring people who take chances and challenge the "norm": These are my clients. They wear my jewelry in the workplace, on everyday excursions, or fashionable evenings and venues. I also love the challenge of designing a unique custom meaningful piece when a client makes a request! We all have our own style, but isn't it fun to venture outside your comfort zone? Try it - you might like it.

The smile that comes with wearing Sasha L Jewels: I love to hear back from clients and gift recipients about how much my jewelry is in rotation in their everyday wear. I have received great suggestions as well. Some clients are just thrilled to be wearing a one of a kind or their old favorite pieces again after my jewelry repair.

Collaboration: I love collaborating with other talents. It keeps everyone motivated, brainstorming, and supportive of each other on new ventures. I have collaborated with fashion designers, interior designers, graphic designers, artists, songwriters, community leaders, and other entrepreneurs. You never know where your next inspiration will come from, what new passions you will pursue, or what new ideas generate when visionaries are put in one room.

Community: I believe that all organizations, from the individual artist to the global corporation, are responsible for giving back to the community in which they live. If we all do a little, it can add up to something significant. I have always been active in the community. Sasha L Jewels allows another way to give back and support local and international communities. Stay tuned for upcoming affiliation notifications.